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Zadig & Voltaire
Ruins Satin Mini Dress - Blue
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Zadig & Voltaire
Black Sequined Raleg Tube Mini Dress
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Zadig & Voltaire
Black Sequined Raleg Tube Mini Dress
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Zadig & Voltaire
Blue Root Print Raw Edge Detail Dress
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Weaving together hard and soft textures like leather and cashmere, Zadig and Voltaire's jeans, T-shirts and jackets remain the brand's trademark pieces. Thierry Gillier founded French label Zadig and Voltaire in 1997, with the aim of creating a bohemian rock chic appeal. Zadig and Voltaire dresses are feminine, flattering and playful without losing the unique, edgy appeal for which the name is so well-known. Lace, fringing, colourful motifs and voluminous shapes create an ever-fashionable boho style that can be adapted to suit any wardrobe.

The Zadig and Voltaire Dresses Buying Guide

Zadig and Voltaire creates contemporary feminine clothing with a twist. Founded by Thierry Gillier and artistically directed by Cécilia Bönström, the pair has taken everything that it means to be a woman and redefined it. Zadig and Voltaire produce some of the most cutting-edge garments in the fashion industry, from bold designs and vibrant colors to graceful floaty pieces. The brand also has a heavy focus on fine fabrics and uses fabrics like velvet, satin, and lace to bring its designs to life. Wearing a Zadig and Voltaire piece means you’ll not only be making a personal style statement, but you’ll also be putting some of the freshest designs from a top Parisian fashion house on display.

Ahead, take a look at our Zadig and Voltaire dresses buying guide which will help you discover one of the many dress designs that may work for you, along with a guide on how to care for your Zadig and Voltaire garments and the most frequently asked questions are answered.

The Most Wanted Zadig and Voltaire Dresses

  • Zadig and Voltaire Mini Dresses

    The selection of mini dresses by Zadig and Voltaire are unlike anything else. All Zadig and Voltaire mini dresses are made from fine fabrics like silk, lace, and pure cotton, and come in a variety of designs. The Zadig and Voltaire mini dress collection features anything and everything you can imagine, from sleek A-line cuts to pleated floral prints. The collection even features shirt style mini dresses, showing that you can feel and look entirely feminine whilst wearing conventionally less feminine styles. From the daring to the elegant, there’s something within the Zadig and Voltaire for everyone, and they are dresses that will fit in, or should we stay stand out, at every occasion. 

  • Zadig and Voltaire Slip Dresses

    Slip dresses, as the name suggests, are dresses resembling an underslip. Slip dresses have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and with the Zadig and Voltaire slip dresses looking the way they do, we can see why. Zadig and Voltaire is a leader in forward-thinking fashion ideas, and its slip dresses are no exception. Zadig and Voltaire create slip dresses made from silk with lace trims, perfectly capturing the essence of an underslip. The slip dresses are also available in a variety of colors, from more vibrant tones of orange to subtler charcoal blacks. 

  • Zadig and Voltaire Maxi Dresses

    The Zadig and Voltaire collection of maxi dresses feature everything from graceful summer dresses to charismatic evening dresses. Each dress has an individual design – some are embellished with jewels, others with vivid animal prints or lace trims. One of the most popular Zadig and Voltaire maxi dress designs is the Roya silver dress, which showcases ruched shoulders, a daring v-neck and bright silver tones throughout. You will not only feel like the epitome of femininity in a Zadig and Voltaire maxi dress, but you’ll also be eye-catching. 

The Zadig and Voltaire Dresses Sizing Guide

For example, if you are a US size 8, you will need to purchase a Zadig and Voltaire dress in a size medium.

XS / 3430-31 IN23-24 IN33-34 IN
S / 3631-33 IN25-26 IN35-36 IN
M / 3833-34 IN26-28 IN36-37 IN
L / 4035-36 IN28-29 IN38-39 IN

How To Care for Your Zadig and Voltaire Dress

Due to the high-quality of fabrics used in Zadig and Voltaire dresses, we recommend always taking a Zadig and Voltaire dress to be professionally dry cleaned. Also, dresses made from more delicate materials like silk or lace should be taken care of to a greater extent to ensure no extreme wear and tear takes place. 


Is Zadig and Voltaire a designer brand?

Zadig and Voltaire is a designer, luxury brand. However, it has a promise and statement to bring luxury fashion to all for a more cost-effective price. 

What brands are Zadig and Voltaire’s main competitors?

Zadig and Voltaire’s main competition is from brands that have the same ideals as it does – to bring contemporary, luxury fashion at a slightly lower price than the mainstream luxury brands. So, brands like The Kooples and All Saints are competitors for Zadig and Voltaire. 

Are Zadig and Voltaire dresses made in Paris?

The fabrics Zadig and Voltaire use are from India and Italy. The clothes are manufactured in China.