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Versace T-shirts can form the foundation of any wardrobe. The V-neck, crew-neck and long-sleeved styles come in graphic prints as well as plain colours, so you can be sure to find something to suit your taste. Whether dressing for the office or a night out on the town, a Versace T-shirt teamed with your favourite pair of trousers it's a failsafe option.

The Versace T-Shirts Buying Guide

Between the over-the-top graphics and subtle emblems, Versace has made getting ready for the day that much easier with its wide selection of T-shirts. Chief designer, Donatella Versace, has created a line of tees that reflects the brand’s luxurious heritage while adding Versace’s signature flamboyant spin. Medusa and Italian architectural references, bold branding, classic logos, and solid tees make up the mix. Ahead, we’ll help you decide the right style for you, the perfect fit, and how to take care of your Versace T-shirt.

The Most Wanted Men's Versace T-Shirts

  • Versace Short Sleeve T-Shirts

    Easily styled with jeans or shorts, Versace’s short sleeve t-shirts made the cut for being one of the brand’s most coveted styles. Equipped with an assortment catering to the logo-mania trend, logos come to life across the tees in contrasting bright colors. Baroque-inspired architectural details make even the most basic tee not so basic. They come in a variety of bright and neutral color palettes, subtle and not so subtle branding.

  • Versace Long-Sleeve T-Shirts

    Go for full coverage in a Versace long-sleeve tee. Pairing well with a blazer, under a jacket, and by themselves, the brand’s tees come to life in bold graphics, simple emblems, and classic logos. You can find the long-sleeve tees for day to day errands and events, along with cozy underwear styles to cover you from day-to-night. The t-shirt assortment in quality cotton and jersey materials make for a comfortable fit.

  • Versace Polo Shirts

    For a more classic approach, Versace polo shirts are the answer. You can find a variety of embroidered details in the polo line-up, featuring the half-medusa logo on the chest and intricate designs around the collar. Designed primarily in pique cotton and jersey fabrics, slip on a Versace polo shirt for that next level casual, cool look. 

The Men’s Versace T-Shirts Sizing Guide

Unsure of what size to purchase? All Versace garments run true to Italian sizing standards. Additionally, when placing your purchase, the size selections are in Italian sizes. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend sizing up because Italian sizing tends to run smaller than US sizes. 

Size Conversions

IT38 / XXS40 / XS42 / S

Measurements (IN / CM)

IT39 / XXS41 / XS42 / S
CHEST33.1 / 8434.3 / 8735.4 / 90
WAIST25.2 / 6426.4 / 6727.6 / 70
HIP35.4 / 9036.6 / 9338.8 / 96
NECK13.6 / 3213 / 3314.4 / 34

How To Care For Your Versace T-Shirts

Versace is synonymous with luxury-- which makes it’s important to treat it as such. We recommend hand washing your Versace shirts. With a mild hand wash detergent, turn your garment inside out and gently wash in cold water. Rinse the suds out completely. To dry, lay the shirt on a flat surface.

We would recommend not to tumble dry or dry clean your Versace T-shirt. If ironing is necessary, turn the shirt in reverse and lay a damp cloth between the shirt’s fabric and the iron to iron out the wrinkles.


What does the t-shirt fabric feel like?

Most of the fabrics in Versace’s t-shirt line are cotton. Between the cotton-jersey shirts, cotton pique polos, and simple tees, you can be rest assured the shirts are all soft to the touch and comfortable against the skin.

How do I know if my Versace T-shirt is authentic?

Versace is known for luxurious quality and impeccable standards when it comes to manufacturing. Because of this, it should be easy to spot a counterfeit product from an authentic piece.

However, in order to guarantee an authentic Versace garment, the brand has created an online verification system. A scannable RFD and QR code are on every product label. You must register for the authenticity service, but once this is done you can easily scan the item through the system or by following the link on the tag. Once scanned, you’ll know if it is an authentic item or not. 

Does Versace offer repair services for its products?

Currently Versace does not offer in-house repair services for its garments. If you are looking to repair or make custom alterations, we recommend bringing your Versace T-shirt to your local tailor or trusted seamstress for assistance.