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Gucci Ace Leather Trainer - White
Ace Leather Trainer - White
A$859A$766(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Flashtrek Leather & Mesh Trainer - White
Flashtrek Leather & Mesh Trainer - White
A$1,294A$727(40% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Gg Rhyton Trainers - Blue
Gg Rhyton Trainers - Blue
Gucci Rhyton Leather Trainer - Multicolour
Rhyton Leather Trainer - Multicolour
A$1,176A$1,057(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Tennis 1977 Trainer - Yellow
Tennis 1977 Trainer - Yellow
A$832A$595(25% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Stripe Leather Trainer - Multicolour
Stripe Leather Trainer - Multicolour
A$898A$780(10% off)
Rue La La
Gucci Ace GG Leather Trainer - Black
Ace GG Leather Trainer - Black
A$898A$793(10% off)
Rue La La

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There's no passing up on Gucci's trainers. With a supple leather finish and exceptional attention to detail on both its low and high-top styles, the brand's shoes are casual essentials every wardrobe needs. Select pairs are detailed with Gucci's signature web-trim and canvas-print, while embellished alternatives offer a bold statement. Comfort's a big deal too. With a cushioned inside and vulcanized sole on every pair, Gucci's trainers are ideal for all day wear.

The Men’s Gucci Sneakers Buying Guide

Expect immaculate designs that are flawlessly executed, with the perfect amount of Italian craftsmanship thrown in with Gucci’s collection of men’s sneakers. Discover both low and high-top styles, with some featuring Gucci’s signature web-trim and monogram-print canvas. Others sport seasonal embellishments for a bold statement, with many designed with cushioning inside and vulcanized soles. Practical, comfortable and fashionable, Gucci sneakers take casualwear to new heights. For help finding the right pair of Gucci sneakers as well as your best fit, see our Gucci men’s sneakers buying guide below.

The Most Wanted Gucci Sneakers

  • Gucci Ace Sneakers

    Looking for a pair of sneakers to complement your casual look? Look no further than the Gucci Ace. Available in a low-top design, these sneakers are ideal for everyday wear and feature the signature Gucci web. Choose a classic pair with the red and green house stripe or if you’re in the mood for something bold, go for embroidered bees, tigers and snakes, or glossy all-over monogram prints.

  • Gucci New Ace Sneakers

    Gucci’s New Ace sneakers are made from sumptuously soft leather for a typically luxurious finish. Featuring the brand’s signature canvas web stripes, these traditional low-top sneakers are on hand in a whole host of styles, with some embellished with tennis rackets and others featuring snake and bee embroidery.

  • Gucci Falacer Sneakers

    Combining a touch of vintage with contemporary style, Gucci’s Falacer sneakers offer a fresh take on a slim, running silhouette. These leather low-tops come in a wide range of styles, including gold-toned ‘Guccy’ print, statement-making crystal-embellished designs and more.

The Gucci Sneaker Sizing Guide

The label’s footwear comes in Italian sizing and normally fits true to size. You can use the below size conversion chart to match men’s UK, US and EU sizing to Gucci’s Italian sizes. For example, if you usually wear a UK 10 or a US 11, then you will need an Italian size 44.


How to Care for Your Gucci Sneakers

To help preserve the condition of your Gucci sneakers, it’s important to look after them correctly, especially when it comes to cleaning.

- You can purchase specialist shoe cleaning kits online, which include a brush and solution.

- Once you’ve purchased your cleaning solution, simply fill up a bowl with warm water.

- Dip the brush into the bowl of water.

- Squirt a little cleaning solution onto the brush.

- Dip the brush back into the bowl.

- Scrub your Gucci sneakers with the brush.

- Repeat this step as many times as you like to achieve the results you want.

- Wipe off any excess solution and water using a clean towel.

The above process shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes. If the shoelaces are in need of a clean, wash those, too, and give them a thorough scrub.

Other Gucci Sneakers Care Measures:

- To safeguard your Gucci sneakers from the daily build-up of dust and dirt, you can coat them in a light, protective layer of petroleum jelly or fabric and upholstery spray. Reapply the protective coating every six to 12 months.

- When your sneakers aren’t in use, it’s also important to store them in the right way to stop wear and tear. For example, keep them in their original box, in clear boxes or using a shoe rack.


Where are Gucci sneakers made?

Any authentic Gucci shoe is made in Italy, on the outskirts of Florence – the brand’s traditional shoe-making home. Gucci’s shoe-making factory was erected during the post-war Italian industrial boom of the 1950s. So, if yours aren’t made in Italy, it’s most likely a fake product. Often, counterfeit items will read “Made in China” or “Made in Taiwan”. It’s best to buy your sneakers from a featured retailer on Lyst or directly from a Gucci store.

Do Gucci sneakers run big or small?

Gucci sneakers, for the most part, run true to size. That said, Italian sizing is prone to running slightly smaller than traditional American sizes. If you’re uncertain, scroll up and take a peek at the size chart above so you select the size that fits most comfortably.

How can I spot if my Gucci sneakers are fake?

Fake Gucci sneakers are usually incredibly poor in quality. All authentic Gucci items are made in Italy. If your sneakers aren’t made in Italy, it’s probably a fake. Your sneakers should look clean and streamlined, with a stitched line delineating the padded ankle from the sneaker’s heel. The insole should fit snugly within the interior, with no gaps or buckling. Fake Gucci displays irregular, messy and discoloured stitching