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Balenciaga Logo Coat - Black
Logo Coat - Black
A$3,757A$2,818(25% off)
Balenciaga Belted Trench Coat - Black
Belted Trench Coat - Black
A$4,269A$2,434(40% off)
Balenciaga Fluo Pink Tech Fabric Parka
Fluo Pink Tech Fabric Parka
A$2,930A$1,465(50% off)
Balenciaga Coats Blue
Coats Blue
A$2,139A$1,585(25% off)
Balenciaga Pulled Parka - Pink
Pulled Parka - Pink
A$4,090A$2,045(50% off)
Balenciaga Raglan Trench Coat - Black
Raglan Trench Coat - Black
A$2,701A$1,351(50% off)
Balenciaga Cotton Trench - Natural
Cotton Trench - Natural
A$3,078A$1,751(40% off)
Balenciaga Washed-out Denim Coat Grey
Washed-out Denim Coat Grey
A$4,395A$2,637(40% off)
Balenciaga Wool Cashmere Coat - Black
Wool Cashmere Coat - Black
A$3,868A$1,934(50% off)
Balenciaga Hooded Carcoat - Black
Hooded Carcoat - Black
A$3,542A$2,891(15% off)
Balenciaga Incognito Wool Coat - Brown
Incognito Wool Coat - Brown
A$3,719A$2,603(30% off)
Balenciaga Hooded Zip-up Coat - Natural
Hooded Zip-up Coat - Natural
A$3,710A$2,350(35% off)
Balenciaga Coats Black
Coats Black
A$2,053A$1,520(25% off)
Balenciaga Fluid Carcoat - Brown
Fluid Carcoat - Brown
A$3,650A$2,554(30% off)
Balenciaga Incognito Carcoat - Brown
Incognito Carcoat - Brown
A$4,553A$2,286(50% off)
Balenciaga Coats Blue - Black
Coats Blue - Black
A$2,171A$1,609(25% off)
Balenciaga Padded Parka - Blue
Padded Parka - Blue
A$4,428A$2,214(50% off)
Balenciaga Raincoat With Logo It 48 - Black
Raincoat With Logo It 48 - Black
A$3,026A$1,813(40% off)
Balenciaga Navy Blue Oversized Coat
Navy Blue Oversized Coat
A$3,402A$2,382(30% off)

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Since it was first founded in 1914, couture label Balenciaga has helped direct the course of fashion history. Established by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga, the fashion house moved to Paris during the Spanish Civil War and received instant recognition for its expertly crafted, clean cut clothing 'a signature aesthetic that is still continued by the brand today. Modern and oversized, men's Balenciaga coats are seriously streetwise with a nonchalant, Parisian elegance.

The Balenciaga Coats Buying Guide

Iconic, innovative and experimental, Balenciaga is a high-end, modern Parisian label that prides itself on combining boldly branded designs with oversized, boxy silhouettes. Adored for its unapologetic street style, the range of structural men’s coats are a classic example of the brand’s instantly recognizable aesthetic boasting investment pieces that will stand the test of time. Browse our comprehensive men’s Balenciaga buying guide, which details the most wanted coats of the season and will help you select a men’s coat in the appropriate size and fit to complement your current clothing collection.  

The Most Wanted Balenciaga Men's Coats

  • Balenciaga Incognito Coat

    Presented in a modern oversized fit, an unmistakable trademark of the Balenciaga brand, the Incognito coat boasts a plethora of fashion-forward features including a high stand up collar, raglan sleeves, and a hidden button placket. This long coat is crafted from Alpaca wool for maximum comfort and warmth and features handy side pockets making it both fashionable and functional.

  • Balenciaga Oversized Logo Faux-Fur Coat

    An ode to the fashion house itself, this calf-length coat features the brand’s signature boxy silhouette in an oversized fit. Crafted from faux-fur emblazoned with the Balenciaga logo in monochrome lettering, this design is a cult favourite that can’t fail to turn heads. The inside of the coat is luxuriously lined with a quilted logo lining. A shirt-style collar, raglan sleeves and concealed button closure complete the design.

  • Balenciaga Hooded Coat

    Blending street style with couture is what Balenciaga does best and this piece is a prime example. With on-trend features, the Balenciaga hooded coat combines a long length with a versatile zip-up design. Exude Parisian refinement in this bold piece and ensure you are protected from the elements.

The Balenciaga Men's Coat Sizing Guide

Balenciaga men’s coats fit true to size, so we would advise that you use your usual size as a guideline when choosing a parka, a trench, an overcoat or a jacket. If you are unsure of which size to choose, our handy size chart below can be used to help you navigate the Balenciaga ready to wear collection.

Balenciaga men’s coats are usually available in French sizing, and you can use the below size chart to convert the French size to the corresponding European or USA size. This size chart shows measurements in centimeters which you can reference once you have noted your correct measurements. 


How To Care For Your Balenciaga Coat

A Balenciaga coat is a timeless piece designed for you to enjoy season after season so it is essential that you adhere to the clean and care instructions specified by the brand. To keep your Balenciaga men’s coat in optimum condition, we recommend professional dry cleaning your garment regularly to keep it looking its best unless the garment label states otherwise. Many of the coats in the collection for example the Balenciaga Incognito coat is dry clean only while the hooded trench coat can be hand washed. We advise that you refer to the label before you begin the cleaning process to keep your coat looking its best.


How can I spot a fake Balenciaga coat?

Unlike Balenciaga leather goods, men’s Balenciaga coats do not come with a serial number or a card of authenticity. However, the Balenciaga brand has a strict policy regarding counterfeit goods and has put rigorous measures in place to reduce the possibility of authenticity issues. All authentic men’s Balenciaga coats are constructed with fabrics of the highest quality and each design reflects the exceptional workmanship that goes into every piece. For this reason, a counterfeit product would be identified by low quality fabrics and poor quality craftsmanship.

Where are Balenciaga coats made?

Many Balenciaga men’s coats were originally manufactured in Italy, but now the brand has expanded its own production facilities to cover various European cities including Poland and France as well as further afield in China.

Are Balenciaga coats good quality?

Absolutely. Every piece from the men’s Balenciaga coat collection is made from the finest fabrics and boasts impeccable design and craftsmanship. Every coat is individually quality checked by an in-house Balenciaga specialist to ensure it meets the brand’s excellent standards. The luxury fashion house has built a reputation for having uncompromising standards when it comes to quality so when you invest in a ready to wear piece from the collection you can rest assured that it will offer maximum durability and longevity.