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The Louis Vuitton monogram, a geometric motif of flowers and the LV initials, is known worldwide as the signature of the French fashion house. First founded in 1854 by a Parisian trunk-maker, since its creation the brand has focused on heritage and emblems. Creative Director Nicholas Ghesquière has always been sure to bring the brand's history into its modern designs as the Louis Vuitton jewellery collection shows. Louis Vuitton bracelets, often crafted from materials including resin, precious metals and leather, feature variations of the brand's famous monogram including flower charms and LV initial details.

The Louis Vuitton Bracelet Buying Guide

Luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton designs and creates only the finest jewelry. Staying true to its brand heritage and design DNA, you’ll find a wide selection of coveted LV bracelets for special occasions and everyday wear. Whether you’re looking for a dainty bracelet, bold bangle, or the classic padlock charm bracelet, the brand brings its accessory expertise to your benefit . Ahead, our Louis Vuitton bracelet guide will help narrow down the best style for you, give tips on how to care for your bracelet, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

The Most Wanted Louis Vuitton Bracelets

  • Louis Vuitton 18k Padlock Charm Bracelets

    Found in both yellow and white gold metal tones, the Louis Vuitton 18k Padlock Charm Bracelet is one of the most iconic Louis Vuitton bracelet styles. The stand-out chain-link design comes together with an LV logo-engraved padlock and key. 

  • Louis Vuitton Gamble Crystal Bracelets

    For an eye-catching bracelet, look no further than the Louis Vuitton Gamble Crystal Bracelet. The gold-tone slim metal chain link holds crystal embellished cubes with the brand’s signature floral monogrammed logo. The signature LV charm holds the bracelet in place with a lobster clasp.

  • Louis Vuitton Logo Bangle Bracelets

    Fans of the logomania trend have been lining up for LV logo bangle bracelets. Found in a wide variety of colors, the slip-on bracelets are designed with the classic LV logo in addition to the monogram floral motif. Layer or stack them on your wrist, the bangle bracelets are a great accessory to dress up an everyday outfit.

How To Care for Your Louis Vuitton Bracelet

Louis Vuitton bracelets are designed to last. To maintain the newness and pass this keepsake on for generations to come, here are some suggested care tips for your Louis Vuitton bracelet:

To clean your bracelet, we suggest regularly taking a soft, damp cloth to rub away any dust or dirt build up.

For a refresh and polish, we recommend bringing your Louis Vuitton bracelet to a professional Louis Vuitton specialist in one of the stores so that you can be sure the utmost care is being put into cleaning your piece.

When storing your jewelry, we recommend placing them in the soft pouch or box that your piece came in at purchase. Leave this in a dry, room temperature setting to protect it from extreme temperatures and water damage. 


Where are Louis Vuitton bracelets made?

Louis Vuitton bracelets are created in Italy, France, and Switzerland. 

Are Louis Vuitton bracelets worth the investment?

The brand employs small teams at the atelier to produce the best jewelry. Specialized technicians are assigned specific elements of each piece, paying careful attention to upholding supreme quality standards. Because of this unmatched design care, Louis Vuitton bracelets are worth the investment.

Does Louis Vuitton offer repairs for bracelets?

Each Louis Vuitton repair is handled on a case by case scenario by the official brand boutiques or ecommerce website. We recommend calling a Louis Vuitton specialist in advance to discuss what repairs need to be made, and you’re guaranteed to receive the best advice on the next steps for jewelry repair.