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Embodying confidence, style and modish sensibilities, Jimmy Choo is your go-to brand for luxury accessories. The brand's clutch collection blends pure extravagance with creative style to create designs with subtle accents and pattern techniques. In a variety of colours and textures, a Jimmy Choo clutch will elevate day and night ensembles.

The Jimmy Choo Clutches Buying Guide

Renowned for red carpet style, Jimmy Choo’s clutch designs are a firm favorite for Hollywood’s elite. Applauded for its opulent yet timeless pieces, the range of women’s clutches captures the brand’s sophisticated aesthetic perfectly with chic investment pieces emblazoned with the label’s signature bejeweled adornments. The clutch collection is modern, feminine and brimming with decadence. Highlights include jewel-encrusted fabrics, structured silhouettes, and luxe textures. Our women’s Jimmy Choo clutches buying guide is designed to help you choose the ideal accessory to elevate your eveningwear looks and add a touch of glamor your current clutch collection.

The Most Wanted Jimmy Choo Clutches

  • Jimmy Choo Callie Clutch

    The Jimmy Choo Callie clutch collection comes with a multifunctional chain strap boasting freedom and versatility. Featuring dazzling embellishments and luxe fabrics, the Callie clutch is a prime example of the brand’s elegant yet timeless style. Encased in the softest suede and shimmering metallic leather fabrics in various different colorways, the Callie clutches are guaranteed to add a decadent touch to your evening attire. Gold-tone hardware and a tassel trim add a contemporary finish.

  • Jimmy Choo Emmie Clutch

    One of the brand’s bestselling styles, the Jimmy Choo Emmie clutch fuses practicality and glamour with its iconic envelope design. Presented in butter-soft leather that boasts a statement all-over glitter embellishment, the design features a detachable chain and a simple snap closure and is ideal for adding a lavish feel to any evening look. A spacious leather and suede interior adds an opulent finish.

  • Jimmy Choo Cloud Clutch

    Glimmering embellishments, opulent textures and signature statement clasps combine to create this elegant cloud clutch collection. Crafted from the finest Italian leather, suede, velvet and boasting a boxy silhouette, this sought-after jewel encrusted collection exudes glamour. Paying homage to the brand’s feminine and luxurious aesthetic, the striking cloud clutch designs feature decadent and glossy adornments that can’t fail to turn heads.

How To Care For Your Jimmy Choo Clutches

Jimmy Choo uses premium quality fabrics during the construction of their coveted clutch collection many of which require a professional cleaning service and as a result, we recommend that you approach cleaning and care with caution.

To prolong the life of your satin Jimmy Choo clutches, we advise that you avoid excessive abrasion to prevent potential snagging of the fabric.

Metallic leathers are particularly vulnerable to damage and extra care must be taken to avoid contact with darker colored fabrics, liquids and heat sources.

Never machine wash Jimmy Choo clutches as this could damage the delicate embellishments and exotic leathers that are a signature of the collection. The brand recommends Handbag Clinic cleaning products to keep the leather in tip top condition.

Glitter fabrics play a prominent role in the Jimmy Choo clutch collection and a care card is included featuring bespoke advice on how to care for your clutch. Loose dirt can be eradicated using a soft lint-free cloth. Excess moisture must also be avoided to maintain the beautiful appearance of the bag’s shimmering exterior.

Take care not to overfill your Jimmy Choo clutch to avoid damaging the integrity of the bag and its delicate clasp closure.

We recommend that you use the dust bag provided to provide maximum protection to your clutch and reduce accidental damage to the fabrics or embellishments or color fading.


Why are Jimmy Choo clutches so iconic?

Jimmy Choo is famous for its classic clutch designs and it is a brand that has graced runway shows and fashion magazines as well as Hollywood movies and celebrity fashionistas. The brand is synonymous with some of the biggest names in fashion not to mention royalty and this explains why its clutch designs are so highly sought after.

How to spot a fake Jimmy Choo clutch

When you invest in a Jimmy Choo clutch, you invest in a piece of fashion history and as a result, you will want to ensure your chosen design is authentic. There are a number of ways to check that your Jimmy Choo clutch is real and all of the trademark tell-tale signs can be found on the label. The iconic Jimmy Choo logo lettering should be immediately recognizable and housed in an enamel plaque. This lettering should also be present on the accompanying dust bag. Made In Italy should be clearly stamped on the leather tab on the bag's interior.

Does my Jimmy Choo clutch come with a warranty?

Jimmy Choo take their customer service seriously and offer consumers a two year guarantee on all products that covers manufacturing faults only. As well as a craftsmanship guarantee, the brand also offers a specialist repair service on all leather goods.