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You can always tell a lady by her watch, and with Anne Klein's sleek feminine designs you'll be sure to make the right impression. Whether you're going for a bit of sparkle or a bold statement strap, Anna Klein watches will add an element of class to any look and ensure that if you're going to be late, you'll at least be fashionably so.

The Anne Klein Watches Buying Guide

Sophisticated with an easy-going, glamorous appeal, Anne Klein has been the modern woman’s go-to brand for more than 40 years. With a reputation for being reliable and high quality, the Anne Klein watch collection is a timeless investment worth adding to your jewelry collection. Ahead, read our Anne Klein women’s watches buying guide to help you decide on the best style for you, how to care for your watch, and how to find the right size. 

The Most Wanted Anne Klein Women’s Watches

  • Anne Klein Watch Bracelet Sets

    Whether the metallic mother of pearl rose gold bangle is your style, or you prefer a sleek gold and black set, the Anne Klein watch collection has a wide variety of sets that feature both a timepiece and matching jewelry. 

  • Anne Klein Swarovski Crystal Watches

    World-renowned for its precision and elegance, Swarovski has become synonymous with beauty and attainable luxury. With an extra dose of sparkle, the Swarovski crystal details on this Anne Klein series make this style a statement choice.

  • Anne Klein Pink Dial Watches

    In an eye-catching hue, it's no wonder that Anne Klein pink dial watches are one of the brand’s top styles. Both feminine and modern, the blush-colored timepieces are a great way to accessorize an outfit. Available in a choice of braided stainless steel, leather, and classic links, the variety of wristbands to pair with a pink dial watch are endless. 

How To Care For Your Anne Klein Watch

To take care of your Anne Klein watch, we would advise occasionally wiping with a soft, clean cloth to remove any dirt and dust that builds up over time. Do not add soap when cleaning off the watch, as it could damage the watch functions.

Most Anne Klein women’s watches are water-resistant up to 100 feet, but we would still recommend that you avoid immersing the watch in water for long periods of time. Soap can damage the watch’s operating functions in the long-run, so avoid wearing the watch while bathing. 

Do Anne Klein watches have real diamonds?

Some of the watches in the Anne Klein line do have real diamonds. Simple and refined, the diamond-embellished watches usually have one stone in place at the 12. In the watch description, it will specify if the diamond is in fact genuine. 

What is the difference between the diamond watches and Swarovski crystal series?

At first glance, many people think that the eye-catching Swarovski crystals are diamonds, but they are actually man-made. The founder of Swarovski invented a way to create diamond look-alikes with a machine that cuts glass in a very precise manner. It is frequently referred to as a simulated diamond because of its visual similarities. If your Anne Klein watch is specified to have a diamond detail, the actual diamond is a natural resource found in the earth, making it much more uncommon and more valuable than man-made crystals. 

Can I go swimming in my Anne Klein watch?

It is advised to avoid submerging Anne Klein watches in water for extended amounts of time to prevent damaging the operating functions.