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adidas Jacket - Blue
Jacket - Blue
A$136A$55(60% off)
Rue La La
adidas Jacket - Purple
Jacket - Purple
A$136A$68(50% off)
Rue La La
adidas Glam On Bomber Jacket - Grey
Glam On Bomber Jacket - Grey
A$102A$41(60% off)
Rue La La
adidas Track Top - Black
Track Top - Black
A$123A$68(45% off)
Rue La La
adidas Z.n.e Padded Jacket - Red
Z.n.e Padded Jacket - Red
A$136A$63(50% off)
Rue La La
adidas Urban Wind.rdy Jacket - Black
Urban Wind.rdy Jacket - Black
A$123A$63(45% off)
Rue La La
adidas Printed Shell Hooded Track Jacket - White
Printed Shell Hooded Track Jacket - White
A$154A$78(45% off)
adidas Two-tone Shell Track Jacket - Black
Two-tone Shell Track Jacket - Black
A$198A$100(45% off)
adidas Cotton-blend Jersey Track Jacket - Red
Cotton-blend Jersey Track Jacket - Red
A$110A$60(45% off)
adidas Quilted Shell Hooded Jacket - Black
Quilted Shell Hooded Jacket - Black
A$182A$100(45% off)
adidas Quilted Shell Hooded Down Jacket - Black
Quilted Shell Hooded Down Jacket - Black
A$374A$172(50% off)
adidas Printed Stretch-jersey Track Jacket - Red
Printed Stretch-jersey Track Jacket - Red
A$149A$75(50% off)
adidas Printed Stretch Track Jacket Cobalt Blue
Printed Stretch Track Jacket Cobalt Blue
A$110A$56(45% off)
adidas Colour Blocked Track Jacket - Blue
Colour Blocked Track Jacket - Blue
A$116A$35(70% off)
adidas Utility Vest - Black
Utility Vest - Black
A$182A$91(50% off)
adidas Hooded Jacket - Grey
Hooded Jacket - Grey
A$118A$94(20% off)
adidas Lightweight Jacket - Grey
Lightweight Jacket - Grey
A$104A$61(40% off)

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Now firmly established as a pioneer of innovative footwear and high-end athletic pioneer, Adidas was born from humble beginnings in 1949. Continually advancing in technology and design, Adi Dassler's globally famous, premium multi-sports brand is now the label of choice for athletes all-over the world. Adidas jackets are imbued with a sports-luxe attitude. Instantly recognised by bold hues and emblematic logos, varsity and windbreaker style add a modish statement to off-duty outfits while fleeces, quilted coats and parkas provide go-to functionality.

The adidas Jackets Buying Guide

Sporty and casual, the adidas brand stands on its own for its superior quality and highly revered reputation for sportswear. One of the most notable styles adidas is famously known for is its tracksuits; the jacket part of the ensemble being the most notable for its 3-stripes and recognizable logo. In addition to the famous track jacket, the brand has designed quilted styles, cropped bombers, rain jackets, puffer jackets, varsity styles, sweatshirts with and without hoods, reflective windbreakers, cozy down jackets, insulated winter jackets and more in a mix between monochrome color palettes and graphic designs. Ahead, we’ll help you figure out the right style for you, find your fit, and give valuable tips on how to care for your adidas jacket to give it longevity. 

The Most Wanted Women’s adidas Jackets

  • adidas Track Jackets

    For a classic approach, try an iconic adidas track jacket for an easy to style look. The collectible can be thrown over a tank, tee, or sports bra and paired with the adidas track pants, an adidas track jacket instantly elevates a casual style. The slim fit design with full-zip closure makes it versatile in everyday wearability. Fabrication is soft to the touch and breathable for athleisure or athletic training use. 

  • adidas Bomber Jackets

    Adidas is famed for being a leader in the athletic apparel industry, but it’s not just for athletic events, it’s a lifestyle brand. The adidas bomber jackets take on a fashionable approach to everyday looks. Dressed up or dressed down, it’s an easy piece to add to your closet for versatile outfits. Embellished with the adidas logo and signature stripes, you’ll find the adidas bomber jacket in a wide selection of colors to choose from. 

  • adidas Padded and Down Jackets

    Adidas has thought of athletic needs for both cold, inclement weather. The assortment of padded and down jackets reign superior for sporty style while keeping you toasty and warm. Available in a wide variety of colors and prints, its slim fit hugs the body closely for a more flattering outerwear appeal. Many include built in zip pockets, high-necklines, hood for extra coverage, and elastic cuffs to keep out the breezy air and encapsulate the heat. Browse through the many varieties and you’ll see why their padded and down jackets are so popular: there’s a look to fit everyone’s style.

The adidas Jackets Sizing Guide

Unsure of your size? Women’s adidas jackets fit true to US sizes, so we recommend purchasing your normal jacket size.

If you still aren’t certain, take a measuring tape and first measure across your chest. Bring it across the widest part of your bust area horizontally and take note of the measurement in inches. Next, you’ll need to measure your waist. Take the tape measure this time and find the narrowest part of your waist, which is sometimes referred to as the natural waistline. Finally, place your feet together and stand up straight to measure the widest part of your hips region. Once you have these 3 key measurements, refer to the chart below to figure out which size will fit the best for you.

PRODUCT LABELXXSXS / 0-2S / 4-6M / 8-10L / 12-14XL / 16-18XXL / 20-221X2X3X4X
BUST28” - 29 ½”30” - 32”32 ½” - 34 ½”35” - 37”37 ½” - 40”40 ½” - 43”43 ½” - 46 ½”41” - 44 ½”45” - 48 ½”49” - 52 ½”53” - 56 ½”
WAIST22” - 23 ½”24” - 26”26 ½” - 28 ½”29” - 31”31 ½” - 33 ½”34” - 37”37 ½” - 41”35” - 38 ½”39” - 42 ½”43” - 46 ½”47” - 50 ½”
HIP31 ½” - 33”33 ½” - 35 ½”36” - 38”38 ½” - 40 ½”41” - 43”43 ½” - 46”46 ½” - 49”43 ½” - 47”47 ½” - 51”51 ½” - 55”55 ½” - 59”

How To Care For Your adidas Jacket

To properly care for your adidas jacket, first check the care label inside the garment for instructions on how to wash your specific style purchased.

For most of the jackets, we recommend turning your jacket inside-out and placing it in a washing machine on a cold, delicate setting. Hand washing with mild detergent works, too. Tumble dry on low or hang to air dry. Do not bleach or dry clean. If ironing is needed, place the setting on low heat to avoid any potential damage.


What is the meaning of the word ‘adidas?’

The name ‘adidas’ was created and named after the German founder of the brand. By combining his first and last name, “adi” which is short for his first name Adolf, and “das” for Dassler, his last name, the adidas name brand was born. 

Is an adidas jacket worth the investment?

Yes, the globally recognized name brand and logo holds a reputation of prestige in the athleticwear industry. Adidas is constantly researching and finding innovative ways to create new, next level tech-infused garments. Made with premium materials, the brand designs apparel that is built to last. Trusted by athletes of all kinds and seen on numerous A-list celebrities, you can be confident that your adidas jacket is worth the investment. 

Does adidas use tactics to strive to be more “green?”

Yes, adidas is always pushing itself to become an environmentally responsible company. To optimize their environmental goals, they have been focusing on water quality and efficiency of its use during the production process. They’ve been using increasingly more sustainable materials when they design their products, and have been transitioning to using clean energy more regularly, among other initiatives. There is always room to improve, but the brand has been taking major steps to make a positive impact now to decrease its carbon footprint as much as it can.