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1909" is a new collection of jewellery, inspired by antiques and handmade in NYC. We make each ring to order, which takes between 4-6 weeks. In our stores, we usually stock rings in a size 6, which ship immediately. 1909 rings are made to order in full, half, and quarter sizes. If the size you desire is not in the drop down menu, please make a note of it during checkout. This ring is modelled on an extraordinary ring from 1860. To get the antique look we want for the turquoise version, we rescue cabochons from antique Indian jewellery that's destined for the smelter. For the diamond version, we use 28 antique old mine cut diamonds. This style of diamond-cutting dates back to the 1830's, when the natural grain of each stone was used as a guide. They were meticulously hand-faceted, so when machine-cutting and -polishing was invented, the modern brilliant cut (a direct descendant of the old mine cut) took the spotlight. A romantic bit of trivia: old mine diamonds were cut for candlelight, which makes them sparkle in even dim light. We use a combination of 14k yellow gold for the band and 14k white gold on the bow. Mounting stones in white metal is a centuries-old jeweler's trick to coax maximum sparkle out of clear gems. For the turquoise version, we use all 10k yellow gold. About)). To decorate our signature 1909 ring, we rescue turquoise cabochons from antique Indian jewellery. Using vintage turquoise has two benefits: one, it's better for the environment to recycle materials. Two, age and wear imbues turquoise with interesting colour variations that you just can't reproduce with new stones. Win-win! Details)). Age: contemporary with antique stones. Made to order in New York City. Metal: 10k yellow gold. Stones: 28 recycled turquoise cabochons. Lead Time/ Terms of Sale: Please allow 6 weeks for us to build this ring to your exact specifications. It is non-returnable and not eligible for exchange. Inspiration)). In Western jewellery, the infinity-symbol-shaped bow or knot has symbolized endless love and constancy as far back as 500AD, when it was employed in Celtic rings. The sentimental Victorians loved the bow as a tidy metaphor for undying affection: it loops around itself in an eternal twist, forever and ever, never beginning and never ending. In a time when lovers were often parted for long periods, it could be a comforting metaphor for intimacy despite being apart. Think about what would happen if you pulled both ends of this bow: the further the distance, the tighter the knot. Colour: blue