Men's Metallic Thomas Cufflinks, Lapel Pin & Shirt Stud Set

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The matching Thomas rhodium lapel pin, cufflinks and shirt studs form an attractive set, sharp and contemporary, perfect for formal occasion and tuxedo. They are created through an electroplating process normally used in Nanotechnology, where a brass precision turned metal base is covered in rhodium through electrolysis. This set is clean and precise in both shape and reflective quality. Now available in rose gold as part of our Midas collection, this elegant finish celebrates the golden ratio and offers a warm, rich polish. Process: Nanotechnology Fact 1. Our factory usually electroplates for the nanotechnology and electronics industry Fact 2. This process is a high polished precious metal finish. Fact 3. The precious metals we use are Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium and Silver. Color: metallic

About Men's Alice Made This Cufflinks
Men's accessories brand Alice Made This is a unique choice with its unusual aesthetic that blends the luxurious with a celebration of industrial engineering and raw materials. All the designs are Made in Britain and this is something that the label celebrates, combining the skill of the British manufacturing industry with its own clean and refined designs. The result is something unique and versatile that is very different from the average. Shop the range of cufflinks from the brand for steel, brass and rhodium plated designs, as well as pieces in rose gold and silver and gold plated. From knotted cords through to copper industrial style cufflinks the range caters to every aspect of its 'luxurious manufacturing' aesthetic.

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